Apr 13

What has been happening at Ravel…

We’ve been quiet on the blog and social media outlets lately..but for good reasons!  Here is a quick update of what has been happening at Ravel over the past couple months and what we have to look forward to!


At the end of February we said goodbye to our beautiful Pawtucket studio, which will always have a place in our hearts since it is where all of our first year’s work was created!


But remember…change is vital to growth!  So we found an equally, if not more beautiful location in Providence!  We packed up our things…


[Dramatic, I know.. But this really was the smallest truck they had that day..]


…and we moved to the gorgeous Fox Point area of Providence’s East Side!

Here is a sign I liked posted in Gallery Belleau’s window on Wickenden Street:


I think we will fit in well over here…


The studio was a little messy for a while…


…but I am starting to get organized again!



On March 14th, we had the honor of adopting this handsome fellow, Titan, saved by a rescue group in Rhode Island from being euthanized down south.


He looks tough, but he is a big sweetheart.  You may meet him at some of our sales this summer/fall!  And if you have not met Lawrence, the other handsome fellow above, at a sale before, he is Ravel’s official media guru, salesman, personal assistant, chef, etc.  He owns the Rhode Island Rebellion Rugby League Team and the non-profit, AYRLA (both of which I mention frequently).  Lots of good things are happening with both of those and are worth checking out! (I also do the web design and merchandising for both groups.)

You may have caught the Rebellion of the cover of this month’s issue of Providence Monthly.. if you haven’t.. pick one up! It’s free and it is a fantastic magazine filled with great things happening in the state.



Lots of good things were happening for Lawrence and I, so we celebrated at one of our favorite restaurants… Nick’s on Broadway, Providence, RI!


Nick’s never falls short of perfect.  Every bit of their dishes are thoughtfully prepared and presented beautifully (and as a designer, I know/believe how important presentation is). PLUS, they use local, fresh, and organic ingredients! :)  You must try if you have not yet.  NOTE: Their brunch is also incredible.


I also gave this fantastic card to Lawrence, made by The Brocade Blackbird whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a sale last year!  She has some lovely work that you should also check out. She is also a local, based in Massachusetts.


We added two more countries to our list of sales overseas: Greece and Ireland!


It is just so exciting to know our work is all over the world! :)



Yes, it is that time of year again.. and it feels like the holiday season just ended!

Our first sale of 2013 will be the RISD Spring Sale on Benefit Street in Providence, RI.

Saturday, May 4th @ 10-4


Our booth will be in front of the RISD Museum.  See you there!



Since we are now based in Providence, we have the pleasure of participating in the BUY ART campaign.


We will have BUY ART buttons available with every purchase at the RISD Sale!



Titan has been tired since the move and all…


…but don’t worry, we will be ready for the sale and with some new items debuting that you MAY have caught a sneak peek of on etsy or facebook…  ;)


We hope you are as excited as we are for all these new changes and updates.

xo. Colette

Apr 13

BEED : 10 Happy Earth Day!

As you know, at Ravel we believe EVERYday is Earth Day, but we do hope everyone did something special this weekend in celebration!

In the studio we are making eco-consious jewelry this weekend in preparation of our upcoming sale and first one of 2013.. RISD’s Spring Alumni Sale on Saturday, May 4th on Providence’s historic Benefit Street!

We also made some time to plant some organic, non-GMO seeds…EarthDay_02

We purchased this organic soil from Lowe’s for $2.99! And planted the seeds in an empty paper egg carton.

Also, if you are feeling creative this Earth Day.. here is some recycled inspiration I came across in Providence this weekend.


Planters made from old tires! I’ve walked past these so many times and never realized they were tires until the other day. Well Done!


xo. Colette

Feb 13

DIY : Paper Bouquet

In need of a last minute Valentine’s Day gift? Love handmade gifts? Short on cash? Try these super easy paper flowers and make a bouquet that doesn’t wilt!


1. Paper. Color and size of your choice. I used pink in various sizes from 6-12″, both square and rectangular.
2. Some sort of stick, dowel, wire, etc. for the stems. I used thin wooden dowels.
3. Scissors.
4. Hot glue and glue gun.
5. A pretty jar or vase to put them in!

Cut your paper to the size you want.

Draw a spiral for your first flower. (You probably won’t have to do this for all of them once you get the hang if it.) My spirals had about 1/2″-1″ thickness.

Round your corners and begin cutting along your spiral.

Continue cutting the spiral until you get to the center.

Begin rolling up the strip of paper from the outside (where u began cutting).

Continue rolling and tuck the end up inside the flower.

Prep your stems! Cut to appropriate lengths and decorate as you’d like. I sprayed mine silver.


Hot glue the center of the flowers to the stems.


Feb 13


Yesterday we had orders shipped to Rhode Island and Arkansas!  Today, a custom sized Sailor’s True Lover Bracelet in Lime will be sent to Rhode Island as well! (Pictured in the center below..)


[ Left to Right ]  Green , Lime , Mint


Buy yours in our shop, via email or phone, or in person at 560 Mineral Spring Avenue, Pawtucket!


Jan 13

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Oops! Ravel Studio was nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Wood and Rope (quite a while ago.. and I forgot to complete this process) !

There are four requisites to accepting a Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  1. Link back to the person who nominated you
  2. Post the award image to your page
  3. Tell 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 15 other blogs

Seven facts about me:

  1. I am an Industrial Designer
  2. I create 100% handmade products.
  3. I plan to change the world, one up-cycled design at a time.
  4. I am a 24-yr-old entrepreneur.
  5. I rescued a lost Scottie dog last year and am forever in love.
  6. I am a born-and-raised Rhode Islander and create my work locally and use only local manufacturers/suppliers.
  7. I plan to travel the world and encourage the growth and support of artisans from all different cultures.

My nominees are:

  1.  woodandrope
  2.  Bucketlist Publications
  3.  Digging RI
  4. DDSLL Girls
  5. bree muse
  6. Patrick Latter 
  7. Sugar Lander
  8. Sort of Pink
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  12. LoSo Fancy
  13. Wedding Paper Divas
  14. Honestly WTF
  15. Oh So Pretty

Thank you!

Jan 13

Color of 2013 : Emerald

Pantone has announced 2013’s Color of the Year…. Emerald!

Luckily for all of you, Ravel‘s newest product, the Fat Tuesday Ring, is available in Emerald AND are available now on Etsy!

ravel studio llc

ravel studio llc

ravel studio llc

ravel studio llc

ravel studio llc

ravel studio llc

( Great gift for Valentine’s Day! )


Past Colors of the Year include:

2012   Tangerine Tango  :  PANTONE 17-1463
2011   Honeysuckle  :  PANTONE 18-2120
2010   Turquoise  :  PANTONE 15-5519
2009   Mimosa  :  PANTONE 14-0848
2008   Blue Iris  :  PANTONE 18-3943
2007   Chili Pepper  :  PANTONE 19-1557
2006   Sand Dollar  :  PANTONE 13-1106
2005   Blue Turquoise  :  PANTONE 15-5217
2004   Tigerlily  :  PANTONE 17-1456

Jan 13

Top Free Accounting Software

Now that year 2 has begun, I really need an accounting program to organize all my income, expenses, customers, inventory, etc….!  QuickBooks is probably the most popular option for small business accounting, but I really don’t have the money to spend on that right now.  So I did a little researching on what is out there that won’t cost as much, and turns out there are a bunch of FREE programs available!  Here are some that I tried out:

1.  FreshBooks (website)

  • Pros:  It was listed as the most popular free accounting program.  It is versatile and can be used anywhere-tablet, laptop, desktop, mobile.  Invoicing, expense tracking, time tracking, taxes, reports, etc.  Overall, very user-friendly.
  • Cons:  I can’t seem to create an itemized invoice versus one with hourly expenses.

2.  Outright (website)

  • Pros:  CAN add old transactions.  Nice interface.  Charts showing profit and loss info each month.  Invoices, expenses, reports, taxes, etc.
  • Cons:  Cannot specify individual items in the transaction.

3.  Wave (website)

  • Pros:  Invoicing, accounting, payroll, bills, etc.  CAN add items to invoices.  Easy to use.
  • Cons:

4.  Zoho Invoice (website)

  • Pros:  Invoices, expenses, reports, etc.  Overall very good.
  • Cons:  Can’t add old transactions.  Interface

5.  Express Accounts (website)

  • Pros:  Best choice in my opinion!  Downloads to your computer, for FREE, and is not on the web.  Options to use web accounts in order to access from other devices.  Can link to Inventoria.com, a free inventory program!  Very professional option and great to do all bookkeeping.
  • Cons:  A little difficult to get used to if not familiar with accounting terminology and organization.  Tutorials are available though.  Not very pretty.

Hope these tips are helpful… If you have any experience with these programs or any other ones, feel free to leave tips, advice, or comments below!

Jan 13

doing good : Rhode Island Non-profit Wins

citgoGreat news!  AYRLA (American Youth Rugby League), a non-profit helping disadvantaged youth, founded in RI and a group I am on the board of, won the Citgo Fueling Good Challenge and has been awarded 5K in gas cards to be used for the program.  Thank you for all the supporters who helped us win!  And thank you to GOOD, from whom I found out about the challenge!


Jan 13

DIY : Handmade Packaging

You don’t have to go out and buy fancy packaging materials.. just be a little creative!

Here is our packaging for our Oceanscape Rings (This adorable Sailboat one is off to Washington state today :)

photo-10photo-12 photo-11

Materials: Cardboard, twine, and paint.  Eco-friendly and recyclable, too!

Jan 13

Tunesday : Muse . Madness